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Think Logic – Project Planning Solutions is a company founded by two senior planning engineers who are passionate about delivering excellence in construction project planning. With a combined experience of over 20 years in complex construction projects across Europe, South America, Middle East, and Africa, we are experts in construction planning and controlling for residential, commercial, data centre, pharmaceutical, infrastructure, oil & gas, and semiconductor projects.


Delay Analysis

Planning delay analysis is a methodology used in project management and construction to assess the causes and impacts of delays in project schedules. It involves the systematic examination of events and factors that contribute to project delays, aiming to identify the responsible parties and evaluate the resulting time extensions.

Tendering Development

Tendering development for planning refers to the process of soliciting and evaluating bids or proposals from contractors or service providers specifically for the planning phase of a construction project. This process focuses on selecting a qualified planning consultant or firm to develop comprehensive project plans, schedules, and strategies.

Planning Control Management

In the context of project management and business strategy, “lean planning” refers to an approach that emphasizes simplicity, flexibility, and continuous improvement in the planning process. It is based on the principles of lean thinking, which originated in manufacturing and has since been applied to various industries.

4D Construction

4D BIM, also known as construction sequencing simulation, is the process of adding an additional layer of scheduling data to a project information model. At Think Logic, we are experts in 4D BIM. With 4D BIM, we go beyond the standard 3D models, incorporating time as the fourth dimension to provide a comprehensive view of your construction project.

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